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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Foil + Plastic Cup = Pirate Hook

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Yo ho! It’s pirate month at Kiwi Crate! From the moment our green crate hit the doorstep, my wee pirate wasted no time plundering his monthly-delivered treasure.  He soon recruited fellow swashbucklers for a pirate play date.

“There’s treasure to be found!” barked the pirates. They growled over their map and waved their hooks as a warning to any varmints who dare to pilfer their loot.
“Avast!! Listen up me buccaneers!”  With his one good evil eye, Captain B peered at his mates and told them the story of how he lost his hand to a shark while roaming the seven seas!
Pirate play may be full of danger and intrigue, but making a pirate hook for your crew to complement their crate is a cinch with a plastic cup and foil. Simply punch a small hole at the base of a plastic cup, and let the pirates tightly roll up a sheet of foil. Insert the foil roll into the hole at the bottom of the cup, and curve the foil into a hook. Shiver me timbers that’s easy!
Aye Aye, me hearty! It’s time to play!

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