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Monday, January 30, 2012

Trials and Errors Crafting Our Jellyfish

Watch the video first. Now, if you're planning to make your own jellyfish in a bottle with the kiddos, please learn from my mistakes. I made it look easy, right? Well, here's what really happened:

I walked into the kiwi crate office that morning, confident the video would be a snap. Lah dee dah...I happily cut away at my jellyfish, all while planning out  in my head the many things I'd get done that day.

I started stuffing the jellyfish into the water bottle, and ....Oi! The head explodes! Alright, alright. Maybe I put in too much water...

I made a new jellyfish, cutting all those tentacles. I got the jellyfish into the bottle, but there wasn't enough water in the head, and I left too many tentacles. It just looked like a mess.  Fail!

Grrr...I tried again.  This time I used a plastic produce bag instead of a grocery bag. Shouldn't matter, right? Umm, yeah, a produce bag is worthless for this craft. The plastic is too thin and looks like plain 'ol trash in a bottle.

Give up? Well, usually, I'm a third-time-is-a-charm kinda gal, so with three failed attempts already, bailing is tempting.  But with all that trial-and-error learning, how can I give up now?! Right? Besides, now I must pass on my wisdom to other hapless parents who might mistakenly use a produce bag instead of a thicker grocery bag! Oh the horrors!

For the record, this craft originally came from Bhoomplay's blog. The second paragraph of the post for this craft reads:

"With some trials and errors, my little jellyfish comes alive just like I thought it would be. : ) "

Trials and Errors indeed. 

I hope this video helps your fun go more smoothly! Your kids will get a real kick out of playing with their own jellyfish. It was totally worth it. :-)

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