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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Best of 2011

For our final holiday reprise before getting back to work, we explored the California Academy of Sciences (one of my favorite places on Earth) and played at a park teeming with kids ready (or not) to get back to school. The weather has been gorgeous out here. If you're not jealous, you should be.

In small moments between, I've been checking out some of the "best of" posts spreading across blogs.  TinkerLab has their "Top Post of 2011" where you can add your own linky to your one top blog post of your choice. I'm looking forward to browsing those all week.

From Nogginmama, I picked "Gift Trees".

Fall is my favorite season, and my son and I made our own trees out of vibrantly colored fall leaves. Plus, there's a little story and science so it's a personal favorite in addition to being one of the more viewed and pinned posts. But let's be clear, I'm a newbie blogger, so my numbers are modest, which is fine by me! I do this for the memories, contribution, expression and connection. It helps to keep me sane. Really.

"Melted Crayon Planets" got the most views if you count those on the kiwicrate blog too. We made super cool looking, open-ended planets. Actually, my son was the one who had the idea they could be planets, making this my favorite post. I went for "Gift Trees" as the top since it's a Nogginmama exclusive.

I'm guessing my blogging habits have been a bit confusing since I contribute to two blogs now. Nogginmama is my personal blog, where I write mostly about activities I do with my kids, but also about insights. I'm planning to start a wisdom/sanity series every week where I write about something soulful or nifty I've learned along the way.  Look for it!

I also contribute to the blog, writing about hands-on activities along with a great group of other moms.

OK, it's been a really fun 2011 diving into this blogging thing with a new baby and a 4 year-old. There's so many wonderful ideas, creations and friends on the blogosphere!  

Wishing you a 2012 of growth and fulfilling contributions!

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