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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea Reflection

Yogi teas have a little tab of wisdom attached to the tea bag. This morning my cup of tea said, "Let your mind dance with your body."

I really like this metaphor.  That is to say, the metaphor inspires me to pay attention to the dance.

Though it's not so much a "dance" as a clumsy tussle -  a push pull of my mind against what the body experiences.  Or a parallel play of sorts - one side ignoring the other.

Body: Dinner good. Mmmm. Satisfied.
Mind: I want a chocolate chip peanut butter sandwich.

Body: Back hurts, shoulders hurt. Must move.
Mind: What's on Facebook Google Plus ;-)? Has the news changed? Any new emails?

Body: Slightly anxious. Content.
Mind: The baby's crying. There there.

Body: Tired.
Mind: The kids are asleep.  Now's my chance to catch up on email and do the dishes.

Last night my evening tea said, "The heart sees deeper than the eye." My heart sees there's much potential for harmony being Mom to my boys.  I'm thankful for every moment I'm open to the dance.

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