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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy/Sad Airport Day

My mom and son ride the monorail at SFO airport. They look out the large window of the first car, watching the planes as the train travels between terminals. Sometimes my son and I enjoy the monorail as a rainy day treat, but today we're taking Mom to the airport so she can fly back to TX. Sniffle.

It's a happy/sad day for us. I'm so grateful she was able to visit us for 2 months, and we all stayed well during her visit. She loves to hold the baby and he loves to be held, at ALL TIMES, even while sleeping. It's such a blessing she's had a chance to bond further with the boys. They really love her. I'm sad, though, because I don't know when she'll come back. I've been trying to get her to move to CA for years, and I thought I might've convinced her this time, but alas I'm afraid not.

I realize it's a huge transition, moving to a new state at retirement age. And I admit we're wild over here, with our over-large personalities and opinions. We're movers and shakers, after all. But isn't all the chaos worth it for the chance at so much love and lifestyle?

Ah well, I accept whatever she thinks is best for her.

Farewell, Mom. Thanks for all the baby holding! Hope to see you back here soon!

Your strong-willed daughter


  1. Your mom was always so pleasant and friendly. I'm sure that she's a terrific grandmother!

  2. So nice to hear from you, Pam! Mom is great as long as she's getting plenty of alone time too ;-) She's one of the more introverted people I know (I'm an introvert too, as it were...). My hope is to get her out here under healthy conditions.

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