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Monday, November 21, 2011

Expressive Sandwiches

The weekend is over and I'm packing school lunch. I'm not usually one to fuss over lunch prep. 

But seeing these hilarious sandwiches with carrot hair, olive eyes and pepper mouths at a party on Sunday inspired me to make a fun lunch for my son this morning. (Our "foodie" friends take presentation to a whole - nutha level!)

I used dinosaur cookie cutters on whole grain bread.

I don't own sandwich cutters, but that'll need to change soon. The detail on these cookie cutters is a bit disappointing. The T. Rex looks like an ear-less rat. The amorphous blobs are supposed to be a Triceratops (lower left) and Pterodactyl (upper right).

The Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus are passable, though. And once they're in action as sun-butter sandwiches in my son's stainless steel lunchbox, I'm feeling pretty happy about them.

Have a fun Thanksgiving week! Let me know if you have a sandwich cutter you love, or any other fun lunch tips!



  1. I love that the sandwich play lives on! So many possibilities!

  2. Yes! They now have a life of their own, as it should be with that much personality...

  3. Where did you get your lunchbox? I love it. We have stainless Lunchbots, but they don't have all the bento-y compartments that yours has.

  4. Ah yes, the Planetbox! It's so easy to clean and no lids to worry about, plus you can decorate the top with magnets. Two thumbs up.