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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dance Party + Thanksgiving Dinner

Before you get the idea this post chronicles the spectacular Thanksgiving spread I made, let me be the first to say thank goodness not.

Luckily, with my in-law family, I don't have to be Thanksgiving hero. They all love to cook. My husband's Aunt, who has the talent necessary to start her own restaurant, made a perfectly-browned succulent free-range turkey. She basted it lovingly every thirty minutes with wine and butter sauce for three hours. My son ate almost an entire turkey leg by himself.

The event was at my sister-in-law's house. (We usually host a Sunday brunch, so I was pleased to have a hosting break.) We found her busy making cheesecake, pumpkin bread, brussel sprouts and a dish with potatoes, cauliflower and yams mashed together. Yum!

She was cooking to the thumping beats of DJ Andrew Phelan. This is my kind of dinner party! And get this. The music stayed on for the entire evening, even while we ate.

Dance music + Thanksgiving meal = surreal fun. I vote we make it a tradition.

I made cornbread stuffing from scratch based on Mom's Southern recipe passed down for generations, and since she's in town, we got to make some of it together. And nope, I'm not at all feeling guilty about tacitly passing off the cranberry orange relish as my own. (I bought it at Trader Joe's and couldn't have made it any better.)
Snapped prior to entry into baking dish and oven. I forgot to take a pic of the final dish!
Most importantly we had four generations of family on my husband's side, plus my Mom visiting from TX, all together. It's such a blessing to have lots of family around, especially for my boys.
Baby D's great grandmother
You can't pick your family, so you might as well dance with them!

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