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Friday, November 18, 2011

Celery and Food Color Experiment

The day I gave up trying to keep our kitchen table stain free was the day I became free. That is, free to do science and art projects with my son without worry. Our kiddie "activity table" just wasn't enough space by itself.

I get inspiration for preschool-age activities from many sources, including Kiwi Crate.  You can find our celery experiment on the kiwi crate blog today. Go here to find out how your kid can turn celery into a colorful project about plant circulation.

Celery reminds me of my favorite Thanksgiving dish - Cornbread stuffing chock-full of celery and sage. Yummm.  Oh, and the bonus aspect of this son snacked on his celery (pre-dying) without any prompting on my part.

NogginMama sanity tips:
  1. Cover your table with butcher or newspaper before doing this activity. Food color will stain! 
  2. Hold off buying furniture you care about keeping pristine until your kids are older. {I'm kidding. Only a little, actually.}
The Science: 
When you water the soil of your plants, how does the water travel from the soil into
the plant and out to the leaves? Tiny tubes (xylem) draw the water up from the roots like a straw. The suction occurs as a result of water in the leaves evaporating very slowly.

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