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Monday, November 28, 2011

Candy Art Round 2

Lollipop art: flower pot
Right about this time every year when I was a kid, my older brother and I would sit down to count what was left of our Halloween candy. We were competing to see who had the most willpower to make their loot stretch until Thanksgiving.
I can't even remember who came up with this cockamamy deprivation ritual, but I'm pretty sure I usually won. Though before you take this as evidence I'm a natural control freak, I have to come clean. There's two classes of candy I hate - anything gummy or chewy. Perhaps it was unfair, but I was sure to pad my bucket with yucky gummy bears and icky Tootsie rolls so I could knowingly eat my beloved chocolate in peace.

Now I'm a parent, it's time again to decide what to do with the annual candy bounty. And it struck me that it might be kinda cool to use candy for art. So I recruited my son to partake in this idea just after Halloween, and wrote about our candy art on Kiwi Crate.  He was a bit baffled, resistant at first. But once he discovered he could smash, roll, sprinkle, and arrange his candy all sorts of ways (and he got to eat it too), he was super enthralled and voiced in-depth stories about what he was making.

Candy Art Round 2:

OK, we have tons of Dum Dums left. My son wasn't a lollipop fiend while trick-or-treating. I way overbought them to give at our door this year. I happen to love them, and am happy to keep them around.
But art must come first! Each candy art project starts with the requisite taste tests. 
We also include a medium good for mashing and molding. We're making lollipop flowers, so we're using clay to hold the sticks in a pot. You could use foam too.
And finally, he arranges. His colorful creation is top and center, to attract you to the post like a butterfly to, well, you know. Our favorite way to approach art is to let my son decide what he wants to make. We encourage you to go wherever your little one's imagination takes you!

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